Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Heat Management

7 Feb 2024 | Perspective

Three-quarters of energy used in industry is converted into heat and over half of total energy used is lost as waste heat.

Industrial heating is largely powered by non-renewable resources; producers attempting to achieve carbon reduction targets are looking for alternative, sustainable solutions for generating process heat and recovering energy wasted as heat.

Download our paper on sustainable heat management to find out how industrial producers can use infrastructure and new technology to ‘green’ their production processes.

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Anaerobic Digestion as a Sustainable Waste Solution

Anaerobic Digestion as a Sustainable Waste Solution

Waste generation is continuously on the rise with improper disposal of this waste leading to emissions and environmental contamination.

A significant portion of this waste is organic waste, from which valuable resources can be extracted like biomethane and fertiliser. Anaerobic digestion stands out as an infrastructure solution to close the loop of wasteful linear consumption.

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