Preserving Natural Capital by Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

19 Jan 2024 | Perspective

Pressure to meet environmental metrics and reporting requirements has increased for institutional investors. Investing in natural capital offers a direct pathway for creating a positive environmental impact. However, the risk and return profile for these investments is still uncertain; many are sceptical of strategies that rely heavily on under-developed nature-based credit markets that qualify public good and negative externalities, i.e. biodiversity and carbon, as tradable units.

Investing in sustainable infrastructure assets provides the benefits associated with investing in nature without the risks. Read more to find out how to create a positive environmental impact with the comfort of investing in a traditional asset class.

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Anaerobic Digestion as a Sustainable Waste Solution

Anaerobic Digestion as a Sustainable Waste Solution

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A significant portion of this waste is organic waste, from which valuable resources can be extracted like biomethane and fertiliser. Anaerobic digestion stands out as an infrastructure solution to close the loop of wasteful linear consumption.

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