Resonance Invests in Two New Water Treatment Facilities Across Thailand

5 Mar 2021 | News & Announcements

The first project is a greenfield investment in a water reclamation plant project under a 20-year BOT arrangement in Bangkok, Thailand with a client who is one of the leading global glove manufacturers with a history of success. The water reclamation plant is designed with a reuse water supply capacity of est. 4,500 m3/day. Industrial wastewater is collected from our client, treated and returned to the client for its production.

The site under construction.

The second investment is in Project CPF, an acquisition of an SPV that manages multiple existing water supply facilities across Thailand, along with additional investment in new plants. All the water supply plants are under long-term BOT arrangements with the client, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, which is a leading agro-industrial and food producer in South East Asia. The water plants are designed with a water supply capacity totaling 124,000 m3/day with significant water consumption growth in the next few years. The facilities purify and sterilize raw water, and provide bacteria-free water sources to the client for its shrimp farming business.

One of the sites in operation.

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