December 2013 saw the UK produce a record amount of wind power. According to RenewableUK, the renewable industry group, a total of 2,841,080MWh of electricity was generated by wind in December alone. This supplied 10% of Britain’s total electricity demand during December. In the week of 16th December, as much as 13% of the country’s total electricity needs were supplied by wind alone, and on 21st December 17% of the UK’s total electricity demand was met solely by wind power.

Resonance’s Strath of Brydock Wind Farm, in Aberdeenshire, also had a record month. It achieved a record capacity factor of 61.11%. Despite the long period of strong and gusty winds, the wind farm achieved an availability of 99.97%, a testament to the resilience and reliability of modern multi-megawatt wind turbine systems.